Next gen workplaces

A games room, free food, scooters and a nap room.

What could possibly be better than a whole day dedicated to STEM and amazing workplaces such as Google and Adobe?

On Wednesday 29 March, the Year 9 IST class, along with Mrs Sukar and Mrs Perry, explored our skillset, future and two amazing workplaces that we all aspire to work at one day.

We started the day heading to the main Google office in Darling Harbour. We were amazed at the relaxed, social and innovative workspace filled with creative and collaborative minds. From tire swings, napping rooms to even a dance and music studio, Google had everything! We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to speak to three current employees at Google and we all found out that many didn’t know or had a very vague idea of what degree they wanted to do whilst sitting the HSC. We also discovered that Computer Science is used in a wide range of jobs which include medicine, graphic design, programming, developing and even innovation such as creating and printing limbs! We were able to ask many questions relating to Google, teamwork, university degrees and even how to get an internship. Google gave us a great insight into life outside of school and university, and we were able to look into one of the world’s greatest companies as a possible job in the future.

Our trip was very far from over, after a few pictures in front of the Google sign we headed off to Adobe, who was then giving the tough task of outdoing Google. After a few free drinks and a brief tour of Adobe’s amazing facilities we were sitting in a highly sophisticated lecture room having a conversation with interns and learning about a new product “Adobe Spark”. The interns gave us a different perspective of life in the IT workforce as they were all still attending university and were from a range of different ages. We discussed university, social change, the transfer from school to university and of course the benefits and aspects of working at Adobe. After this, we were able to get a crash course in Adobe’s new program and were set with skills that we could use later in class.

Overall the insight and understanding that our class has received is something that is not taught in a classroom and something that many were curious about. I find that our class has now received a greater understanding of the IT jobs available as well as how we can get there. We also got to look into what university is like, what type of environment it is and how many things we learn at school and the skills we develop, are useful in the workforce and in society.

Phoebe Trainor
Year 9

SSC Media Team